How Jesus Spoke To His Mother

I heard some yelling in the back of the room, as I was finishing my remarks and about to start the premier screening of my movie, Faith, Hope & Love, for over 700 people.

Who was yelling and what were they yelling about?

It was my sister and my wife. Hmm. They are usually very quiet people, I thought.

Then, I heard what they were saying.

“Mom! Don’t forget Mom!”

I was so concerned about starting the movie on time, I forgot to mention my 89 year old mother who was seated in the middle of the theater.

Fortunately, I had a handheld microphone. So, I was able to walk through the aisle and go up to my mom, in her seat. 

It was a bit of a miracle that my mom was able to attend. Her health was failing, and she was in a wheelchair. But that didn’t stop her from attending.

In fact, weeks earlier, when I was editing Faith, Hope & Love, I received a call from her and she said, “Bobby, I’ve made a decision.” It sounded serious, so I asked her what the decision was. She said, “I’m wearing my best pair of shoes. That way even if people don’t like the rest of my outfit, they’ll at least say, ‘Yeah, but she had beautiful shoes on.’”

That was my mom. Always could make me laugh.

The sadness for me was that I knew I was on borrowed time with my mother. When you love someone so deeply, you can just sense these things, I suppose.

So, I walked up to her chair and addressed the 700+ people in the theater. I talked about a couple passages, in the bible, that I’d recently read that reminded me of my mother. 

In John 19:26-27 and in John 2:4 when Jesus spoke to his mother, he addressed her by saying, “Dear Woman…”  The love and respect Jesus had for his mother seemed so evident in just those two words.

I told the audience that is how I felt about my mother.  This dear woman was the soul of my life, and I was so grateful for it.

I am grateful to God for so, so many things in my life, and near the top of that list is being so grateful that she was able to be at the premier of Faith, Hope & Love. 

I knew that movie was the accumulation of decades of hard work she had seen me go through, and I wanted her to see the payoff to it all. 

And she did.

She not only loved the movie, but to see all those people cheering at the end of it was an amazing moment; one I’ll never forget.

Several weeks later, my mother passed away.

I’m not sure one ever gets over losing a parent, especially your mother.

I think of her daily, and especially when I see those passages.

Dear woman I miss you.

Keep the faith,


PS- This is the picture of my sister, my mom, Peta Murgatroyd and myself at the Premier of the movie.