Don't Be Afraid to Start A Conversation with God

During a television interview, a well-known author was asked what made him write his latest book. He said, “God led me to write this book.” The famous interviewer scrunched up her nose, pursed her lips and with disdain said, “God spoke to you?”

As I watched the interview, I remember wanting to yell out, “Yes! It’s called ‘prayer’!"

However, it then occurred to me, if someone has never tried speaking to God, they wouldn’t know what the voice of God sounds like. 

When I say the “voice of God”, what do I mean? 

I’m talking about a communication with God that gives you guidance, that gives you understanding, that gives you peace, that gives you discernment, that gives you guidance, that gives you hope. 

God speaks to everyone, not a select few. 

However, so many people choose to ignore it, dismiss it, or forget about it. I have seen God do incredible things in people’s lives, only to have them ignore Him as time went on. 

For those that do not ignore God and develop a relationship with Him, it develops into a lifetime relationship (and an eternal one) that underscores the Bible verse: My sheep know my voice. And I know them.” (John 10:27)  

In other words, as the years go by and you constantly are communicating with God, it will not take much communication, with God, for Him to know exactly what you are going through, because you know each other so well: “… for your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him.” (Matthew 6:8)

The best example I can give you of this is… my mom. 

I would often call my mother as I was leaving the office, heading home, after work.

On days where I when I had a lot of worries on my mind, I would remind myself to put on a “happy voice” when I called her, because I didn’t want her to worry about whatever troubles I was going through. This is how the conversation would go:


Mom: Hello.

Me (cheerfully): Hi Mom. 

Mom: What’s the matter? You don’t sound good. 

Seriously, all I said was, “Hi Mom.” 

My point is, when you know someone’s ‘voice’, your communication becomes shorthand. All it takes is a slight look, a slight smile or a slight gesture and because you have years of communication between you two, you both understand what the other is going through or trying to say. 

And the love deepens.

As many of you know, my wife and I have triplet boys. I was in the delivery room when they were born. I loved them, the moment they were born. They are now 23 years old, and my love for them is even deeper now. 


Because we have 23 years of day-to-day life wherein, we have shared life’s ups and down, triumphs and losses, and everything in between. We know each other on a much deeper level now than when they were born. It takes very little communication for us to know what the other is thinking. 

This is the relationship God wants to have with us. A love so deep that with the slightest action, we will hear God’s voice for discernment, for understanding, for peace, for love. 

The closer you draw near to God, the closer God draws near to you (James 4:8). When that happens, we allow the wonderful counselor to guide our lives (Isaiah 9:6) and instruct us in our lives (Psalm 32:8)

So, don’t be afraid to start or to continue that conversation with God.  

It’s life changing. 


Keep the faith….