God And Your TV Remote Control

A few years back I was at a relative’s house, and he was showing me a new function on his television: he could hit the pause button and then go and get something to eat, then come back and hit play… and the show would pick up right where it left off!

Now, to those of you who are very young, this sounds basic. Every television does that now.

But, for those of us who can remember the days where, if you wanted to change the channel, you had to get up and manually go and change the channel, this concept was very hard to grasp. 

Side note: fortunately, there were only 3 channels.

So, as we headed out to dinner, my relative paused the television. During dinner, I kept wondering if the “magic” would happen again. It was like the television gods were saying, “Enjoy your dinner, Robert. We’ll be here, waiting for you to resume the football game, when you get back.”

We returned to my relative’s house. I stared at the television as he hit play and sure enough, the game picked up exactly where we had paused it.

Amazing, I thought.

As I began to drive away that night, I started to wonder if there was anything else in my life like this incredible and then it occurred to me, there was something very similar…


God allows us to click the pause button and He waits patiently for us to return.

And God goes even further…

God never asks us to make an appointment to see Him.

God never puts us on hold.

God doesn’t have an answering machine.

God never tells us to call back.

God never tells us it’s easier to get a hold of Him by text or email.

God doesn’t have office hours.

God doesn’t close for the weekend.

God doesn’t limit our time with Him.

God doesn’t go on vacation.

God doesn’t bill you for overtime.

God doesn’t tell us to talk with His assistant.

Like the television control, God simply waits for us to ‘hit play’ and He is there for us.


And when we get pulled away with all of the many worries that life (and our cell phones) throw at us, God allows us to hit the pause button, knowing that when we decide to comeback to be with Him, He will be there.

Someday, wouldn’t it be great, if we never hit the pause button with God… and talk to him without interruption, throughout our day?

I’ve tried this and you know what I found happened?


Like the storm ridden waters that Jesus silenced in Mark 4:35-41, everything around your storm will get quiet.  As the disciples said that day, “Even the wind and the waves obey Him.”

Your problems will obey Him, too. Peace will ensue.

Like I said, I’ve tried this. It’s not easy. Old habits die hard, especially for any of you out there who are a “Type A” personality, like me :). 

But, let’s give it a try: God, all day, every day.

Let’s see what happens.


Keep the faith…