God Doesn’t Forget Your Prayers

I had just graduated High School and was at a church camp, walking to lunch with Fay, a camp counselor. I had something on my mind.

Halfway down the dirt road, I mentioned to Fay that I thought God was calling me to be in the movie business, namely acting.  Kind Fay stopped and couldn’t help but smile and laugh a bit.

I grew up in Wisconsin and saying you wanted to be in the movie business was like saying you wanted to visit Jupiter someday.

However, after a moment she could see my thoughts were genuine.

Without hesitation, she said, “Well, then, let’s pray about it.”

Wait. What?

I thought we were just talking here. Um, we’re going to pray about it?  Like, right here? 

All I could think about was the possibility of my buddy Teddy and all my friends coming down the trail to go to lunch and seeing Fay and I praying.

But, before I knew, Fay had bowed her head, I followed, and she didn’t mince words. She said, “God, if it’s your desire for Robert to pursue a career in acting and the movie business, then please clear a path for him. Amen.” She looked up at me and smiled and we proceeded to head towards the lunch hall, again.

That was it.

No bells and whistles went off. No voices suddenly spoke to me.

It was just a simple prayer.

And God heard it and He never forgot it.

How do I know that? 

It’s now decades later and God has ‘cleared a path’ that has allowed me to act in many movies, tv shows, sell scripts to movie studios and, most importantly I think, make four faith-based movies: Do You Wanna Dance?, Christmas with the Karountzoses, Faith, Hope & Love, and, my newest movie (coming out soon – I promise!): A Marriage Made in Heaven.

These movies have touched so many lives.  Barely a day goes by when I have not received a letter, email, phone call or social media post from someone saying they were touched by one of these movies.

Has it been easy? No. Far from it. That “path” that God cleared for me had many ups and downs, treacherous turns and, at times, what appeared to be a couple of complete dead ends.

However, every time I hit a block in the road, one of you would just happen to email me, text me or post a note telling me how much my movies meant to you. I would often write you back and tell you that your messages were like a note from God letting me know I was going the right direction and to proceed on.

And, so I have… 

Not too long ago, I was at the premier of Faith, Hope & Love in Wisconsin and I saw Fay. That’s us in the picture.

I asked her if she remembered our walk and prayer. She said, “Like it was yesterday.”

When A Marriage Made in Heaven comes out, I hope you see it and can let me know if I’m still on the right path.

Keep the faith,

Robert Krantz