God’s timing is perfect

  I had completed the screenplay for A Marriage Made in Heaven.  Everybody was ready to begin.

I just needed to tell everyone what the start date would be. But there was one problem.


I had been talking to other producers, in the industry, who were trying to film their movies and they were telling me how CoVid was ruining their productions.

If just one person got CoVid, entire productions were being shut down.  It was horrible.

And so, I waited and prayed.

One year went by. I waited and prayed some more.

As we approached the end of the second year of CoVid, the end of the pandemic was in sight.

In December of 2021, the CoVid case numbers (which I looked at daily!) had gone down to their lowest since the pandemic began.

I prayed about it, and then felt like God had given me the green light to start production.

So, I told everyone we would begin pre-production on January 1st of 2022.

And then something unexpected happened…

CoVid suddenly got worse.

A lot worse.

Day by day, everyone I knew was getting CoVid.  The CoVid case numbers kept growing and growing.  The cases in California went from a low of a couple hundred daily cases to a high of 159,000+ in one day.

Then, I got CoVid.  

I couldn’t understand why God would have me start this movie at the exact moment things were getting worse. In fact, for the entire duration of CoVid, this outbreak of cases was the worst ever.

We were beginning filming in a matter of weeks, and I couldn’t see any way we could avoid getting hit with a serious outbreak of the virus on our set and that would shut us down.

Then, something incredible starting happening. As quickly as the surge of CoVid cases had begun, it suddenly began to decline.

Day by day, the numbers of CoVid cases kept going lower and lower.

To my amazement, when we began production, a few weeks later, the number of daily CoVid cases had dropped to some of the lowest ever.

We had a CoVid compliance officer on the set. Every day, she would test everyone.

We did not have one positive CoVid test for the entire movie.

Right when we finished filming the movie, CoVid cases began to rise again.

It was as though God had picked the absolute perfect days for us to film the movie and avoid the CoVid outbreak.

I was so grateful to God.

With life moving as fast as it does these days, I found that It’s easy to forget moments like this, but I do my best to remember these victories that God has led me through.

What I learned is that God’s timing often is different than the timing we think is best.

However, in the end, I have found, His timing is always perfect.

Keep the faith…


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