Have you let God in the room?

Are you letting God in the room?

Let me explain.

25 years ago, I was writing my first movie – Do You Wanna Dance?

While writing the script, I had the strangest feeling at times. It was like I wasn’t writing the movie alone. It felt like something unseen was guiding me.

I couldn’t understand the feeling and I couldn’t really explain it to anyone.

So, I said nothing.

Around that time, I was watching a retrospective interview about Marvin Gaye and the writing of his seminal album, “What’s Going On?” At that time, he was visited by Smokey Robinson and he told him that he felt like God was writing the album.

When I heard that, it put into words exactly what I was feeling when I was writing Do You Wanna Dance? I felt like God was helping me write the script.

After hearing that, I didn’t feel quite so crazy, anymore. 

When Do You Wanna Dance? came out, the reaction to it was incredible.

This will give you an idea of how shocked I was at the audience’s response; at the Premiere screening in Chicago, there were a thousand people in the theater. At the climactic moment of the movie, I suddenly could hear people blowing their noses. I sat there thinking, “You’re kidding? Right at the climactic moment of the movie, all of you need to start blowing your noses?”

It never dawned on me that they were all crying and had to blow their noses, because they were so moved by the movie.

From that moment on, until this very day, decades later, I have received countless, cards, emails, letters, etc. from people telling me how much this movie meant to them.

Each movie I wrote after that (Christmas with the Karountzoses, Faith, Hope & Love, and A Marriage Made in Heaven), the same thing happened, in even greater numbers.

To give you a quick example, here’s a letter I received today about Faith, Hope & Love:

“First watched FHL about 1 wk ago and have watched it EVERY day since. It is a work of art to bring the reality of our Christian life to the screen in a way that is simple yet powerful. His love for God is sincere and passionate and absolutely contagious. Lives will be forever changed by watching this movie. I know mine has been. Excited to know there is another in the works!!! Thank you Robert Krantz!! Job well done J.“ Patty Potter-Turke

I’ve received thousands of letters, emails, etc. like that. Every time I read a letter like that; I think back to that feeling I have when I write something.

It feels like God is in the room when I’m writing.

That’s why when people compliment me on my work, I never think it’s me; I always think it’s God.

I’ve grown so used to that feeling that, now, when I write a scene that I know is going to touch people, I will look up at my icon of Christ, on my wall, and say, “Thank you.” Sometimes, I can’t help but laugh when I’m thanking Him, because it’s so obvious to me where it came from.

Recently, I read something that cemented all of this for me. The famous music producer Quincy Jones was asked how he creates great music with the singers he’s worked with.

He said, “Leave space for God to walk through the room.”

For me, that is the secret ingredient.

I would add this – the way you leave space for God to come into the room is by leaving your ego outside the room. I can’t tell you how many great moments in movies I’ve been in came about by me just being open to other people’s ideas and thoughts and leaving my ego outside.

What about you?

Are you letting God into the room of your life – to help you plan, prepare and execute the purpose of your life?

I hope so. I can’t imagine being in the room without Him.