Is it Luck? Or God?

As we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day today, luck is on everyone’s minds. But is it really luck? Or is it God working in your life?

I can think of so many moments in my life that could have been attributed to luck, but I know it was really God blessing me.

One of the most memorable moments happened during the filming of Do You Wanna Dance? In the middle of that movie, the character I played—Billy—has a dance solo. While we were filming that scene, I remember the people behind the camera saying, “Hey, this really looks good.” There was a joy that came over me and when you look back at pictures from that scene, and the actual scene, you can just feel that joy that I was experiencing in that moment. I was so happy, and my love of dance and that project really shone through.

Now, here’s the part where God had a hand in the scene: We got about half or ¾ of the way through the scene when we started losing the sun, so we had to wrap it up early. So, we wrap up filming, fly back to Los Angeles, and start editing the movie. I realized at that point that we didn’t have enough dance footage for the music.

I figured we’d do what’s called a “pick up date,” where you go back to the location and film again. So, I called the location to schedule a date, and find out that they tore the entire place down. This was a huge location, and it was no longer there!

When I went back and looked at the footage again, I realized that a miracle had happened that day. While we were filming, the music would be playing, I’d be dancing, and they’d say cut. But the music kept playing, so I just kept dancing, too. It wasn’t the choreography, but I was just happy, so I continued to dance away. When I looked back at that footage, I decided that that’s what we were going to use. So, when you see the dance number, some of it is choreographed and some of it is just me dancing by the grace of God and it was all incorporated into the final edited movie.

When that dance scene was finalized, I remember thinking that it was a moment when God was with me. Some may call it luck, but I know that it was God working in my life.

Do you have moments in your life that could have been attributed to luck, but you know it was really God by your side, making sure that everything turned out in your favor?

Remember Matthew 19:26, “…with God, all things are possible.” And get the Everything is Possible with God hat in our store now.


 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!