Touch Someone’s Life

When the doors opened, at the premier of Faith, Hope & Love, the first person I saw was Coach Barbee, our three son’s former high school football coach. I couldn’t believe he made the trip to see the movie. It was well over an hour drive in traffic for him and his wife. I was so touched.

Flash forward four years and we heard Coach Barbee’s team was playing for the Championship game.  The game was over and hour and a half away. There was no hesitation. Our entire family drove out to the game and watched Coach Barbee’s team win their Championship game. What a night!

After the game, we went onto the field to congratulate him. This picture was his reaction when he saw our three boys.

What a wonderful, wonderful moment this was for all of us.

The next day, Coach Barbee wrote us, “Cannot tell you how much it means to have you guys at my game.  I love you all more than I can ever tell you and I wouldn’t be the coach I am without getting to Coach and learn from you three! My guys always! Love you all!”

All of this reminded me that the simplest gestures of kindness and love can have such an impact on each other’s lives.

As it is written in Hebrews 13:16, And don’t forget to do good and to share what you have with others, because sacrifices like these are very pleasing to God.

So, during this time of year, which gets so hectic, find your moment… and touch someone’s life.

It does not have to be something large, extravagant, or expensive. It could be something very simple. 

Here are a few ways in which you can bless others:

  1. “Pay it forward” when you go through a drive thru.
  2. Hold a door open.
  3. Mow a neighbor’s grass.
  4. Let someone go ahead of you in line.
  5. Smile at someone who looks sad.
  6. Volunteer in your community.
    1. Serve meals at a homeless shelter.
    2. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister.
    3. Coach a youth team.
    4. Organize a company volunteer day.
    5. Participate in a community clean-up.
    6. Help out at a Senior Center, Hospice,
    7. Join Habitat for Humanity.
    8. Become a Girl or Boy Scout Leader.
  7. Sponsor a child and/or family for Christmas.
  8. Donate to food drives or a charity.
  9. Spread God’s word.
  10. Compliment those around you—even strangers!
  11. Shop local.
  12. Give homeless in your community socks and other toiletry items.
  13. Participate in a local fundraising walk, race, or event.
  14. Donate blood.
  15. Learn CPR.
  16. Add coins to an expired parking meter.
  17. Become an organ donor.
  18. Start a fundraiser for a cause close to your heart.
  19. Clean up litter in your community.
  20. Bring your pet to a senior center, hospital, or veteran’s organization.
  21. Tutor a student.
  22. Write a letter or send a care package to a soldier.
  23. Attend a mission trip.
  24. Plant a tree.
  25. Give up your seat at church or on a bus to someone else.


Remember Proverbs 11:25, A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. Bless someone in your life with a reminder to pause and get to know God by gifting them our Bible and mug set.

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