What if God let you go back and relive one week of your life?

Last week, I wrote to you how during each faith-based film I have made, I’ve gotten “lucky”.  However, after decades of making faith-based movies, I’ve come to realize that it wasn’t “luck”… 

It was God. 

I promised I would tell you how I felt that “luck” occurred during my new movie, “A Marriage Made in Heaven.”  

Here is how it happened…

It started four years ago, when I volunteered to work the lamp chop booth at my church’s Greek Festival. One might think that my lucky moment was the fact that I got to eat one lamb chop for every one I served, but you would be wrong. 

The “lucky” moment began when I entered the premises and Despina greeted me. She told me she had just seen my new movie, Faith, Hope & Love and loved it. I thanked her and she held up the festival brochure and said "I should contact a lady who helped the church promote the festival."

A couple days later, I contacted the lady she referred me to.  As were talking, I heard some children playing in the background. She apologized for their noise, and I said I understood, because my wife and I had raised triplet boys. 

She laughed and said that she had triplets, too. 

I asked her how old her triplets were, and she told me they were 3 years old.  She asked how old mine were, and I told her they were 21 years old. 

We laughed at the age difference, and she asked me if I wished I could go back to when they were young again. 

My answer would change the next four years (and more) of my life…

I told her it would be great if I could go back for a week.

As I said that, I immediately wrote down on a note pad – “What if God let you go back and relive one week of your life? Which week would you choose?”

I got off the phone and as I drove home, I began to think of which week in my life I would choose to relive. 

It was a 20 minute drive, but by the time I got home, the genesis of my next movie was born. 

Four years and many thousands of hours of hard work later, I am happy to say that I have completed that movie, A Marriage Made in Heaven. 

It is a beautiful, faith-based, romantic-comedy, family film that has some great dance and music in it. 

I cannot help but wonder what would have happened if I would not have walked by Despina that day? 

The truth is that I probably would never have made this movie.  

It is so strange for me to think about that, because this movie changed my life and, I could be wrong, but I think it is going to resonate and touch the lives of so many people who see it. 

I understand that some people will call it luck. 

I call it God. 

I think that God’s plan for my life was to make faith-based movies that were

entertaining, family oriented and gave people hope. 

So, that is what I have done to the best of my ability. 

Here is the really cool part – in a couple of weeks, on August 27th, we are going to have the world premier of A Marriage Made in Heaven… and you are going to be invited to be part of that premier. 

While we are having the actual premier, we will be having a Virtual Premier (we are calling it Walk the Red Carpet from Your Living Room Carpet). 

We are going to be selling tickets to this event in the coming days and it is going to be a blast. People from all around the country and the world will be watching the premier virtually (the red carpet walk up and then the movie itself). 

It has never been done before. 

I cannot wait for you to be part of it! It is going to be so much fun!

More on all this very soon.

Keep the faith, 

Robert Krantz

P.S. Along with myself, the other actors in the movie are Tom Arnold, Vivica A. Fox, Paul Rodriguez, Elisabeth Rohm, Connie Sellecca, and Kim Coles.  They are all great in the movie!