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Classic Greek Childrens Songs - DVD

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We have taken the songs from the Classic Children’s CD and animated every one of them! Now, each one of these classic songs comes alive on screen through vibrant and colorful animation. And we have formatted each DVD and VIDEO so that you when you are watching the songs, Greek subtitles, English subtitles or Phonetic subtitles appear on screen to help your children, grandchildren, relative (or yourself!) learn the language and the songs! You choose! There is no other product on the market like this one! Now you can enjoy these wonderful songs at home and in your car!

Songs Included:

Ta Evzonakeea
To Kokorakee
E Meekree Eleni
O Psaras
Ah Kounelaki
Then Pernas Keereea Maria
Nanee, Nanee
Ta Christianopoulo
Ee Gerakeena
Ee Thalassa (Yialo, Yialo)
Ah Patreetha Mou Gleeka
Ta Petheea Zografeezoun Ston Teexo
Mia Orea Petaloutha
Feggaraki Mou Lambro
Haropa Ta Theeo Mou Hereea Ta Hteepo