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St. George, St. Athanasios and St. John the Baptist - DVD

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The Saints: Series Two. Orthodox priests and iconographers discuss the life and significance of these incredible Saints.

  • Learn why St. George is called the "Combatant of Kings"; what order St. George refused to obey that caused him to be imprisoned; why St. George is known as the "Dragon Slayer"; where the relics of St. George are kept; and more!
  • Learn why St. Athanasios has been described as "God's hammer"; how St. Athanasios, while only a Deacon, attended the First Ecumenical Council and dramatically changed the future of Orthodoxy; why St. Athanasios was banished 5 times during his 45 years as an Archbishop; and more!
  • Learn why St. John the Baptist is considered the last and greatest of the prophets; what accusation he made that caused him to be put in jail and killed; why Jesus insisted that St. John the Baptist baptize him; what made Jesus say that there was no greater man than St. John the Baptist; and more!

Runtime: 90 Minutes