greek computer games for 4 kids

Greek Computer Games 4 Kids

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Ellinas Multimedia has created 5 brand new computer language games and put them on one CD-ROM (a CD-ROM is a disc that plays on any computer).
These games have varying degree of difficulty levels and are a fantastic tool to have children (and adults) learn Greek while having fun! (for ages 4 and up)
games included on CD-ROM are:

“Greek Animal Antics” presents the journey of a group of misfit animals as they race across the countryside. In this game of speed, players must remember the animal names in Greek to get them from one scene to the next.

In “Greek Fishing Frenzy”, the players are in control of “Taso’s” boat as he ‘fishes’ for the letters of the Greek Alphabet. Players try and ‘catch’ the letters in correct alphabetical order before time runs out… just watch out for the squid!

“Greek Counting Climber” is an action game where the players must count and collect gold from a snowy mountain peak. Can they avoid swooping birds and charging goats to clear all the gold? Many levels provide a great review of Greek numbers.

On “Mixed-up Match Ups Greek”, players look at a series of cards and have to match the correct Greek word to the image… and memorize where the card was placed… in a limited amount of tries! On each guess they make they will hear a native Greek speaker tell them the correct pronunciation of the word.

In “Greek Word Birds” you are a bird, speed-racing against the flock. If you can solve each puzzle, you are sure to win the round. Soaring and swooping, players must guess the word from the clues provided and enter it with an on-screen Greek keyboard. This game brings together all of the vocabulary from the CD-ROM.