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St. John Chrysostom, St. Dionysios and St. Paul - DVD

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The Saints: Series Three. Orthodox priests and iconographers discuss the life and significance of these incredible Saints.

  • Learn why St. John Chrysostom was called "Golden Mouth"; what happened to him when his father passed away when he was only in his teens; how the man considered to be one of the greatest Christian orators was actually educated by non-Christians; and more!
  • Learn how, to this day, St. Dionysios' remains are still uncorrupted and kept in Greece; why he is known as "The Saint of Forgiveness"; why St. Dionysios is considered to be a "walking saint" and what that means and more!
  • Learn why St. Paul persecuted Christians with zealousness; what happened to St. paul on the road to Damascus as he was going to persecute more Christians; what happened after St. Paul was baptized by St. Ananias; how the Apostles reacted to St. Paul after he was baptized; and more!

Runtime: 90 Minutes