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St. Nicholas, St. Haralambos and St. Anthony - DVD

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The Saints: Series One. Orthodox priests and iconographers discuss the life and significance of these incredible Saints.

  • Learn why St. Nicholas is known as "The Real Santa"; why St. Nicholas is considered to be the patron Saint for travelers; how St. Nicholas' remains ended up in Bari, Italy; why St. Nicholas is called "The Wonder Worker"; what St. Nicholas did at the First Ecumenical Council that caused him to be imprisoned; and more!
  • Learn why St. Haralamos is known as "The Man Who Wouldn't Die"; how he endured tremendous suffering when he was 113 years old; how the Emperor tried to humiliate him into renouncing his faith; what happened at the exact moment he was about to be beheaded; and more!
  • Learn why St. Anthony is called "God's friend"; what made him go out to the desert and confront the Devil; why St. Anthony is considered the father of monasticism; what others famous Saint was an attendant to St. Anthony and later wrote "The Life of St. Anthony"; and more!

Runtime: 90 Minutes